19th December 2017

December Newsletter

Christmas Bazaar/School Photos

The new Parents’ Association got off to a very good start with the recent Christmas Bazaar where everybody seemed to have a very nice time and which raised £820 towards the PA funds. Thank you to all the PA members, other parents and staff members that helped organise the activities, set up or tidy up. After getting their breath back from organising the bazaar at quite short notice, the PA will be announcing events for the rest of the school year in the near future. Also, thank you to everybody who purchased their children’s school photos recently, the company donated £89 to Cancer Research as well as a donation to the school as part of the arrangement we have with them.


Christmas Concerts

Monday’s Christmas Concert was incredibly busy. We added more seats and we allowed for more standing spaces and still every available space was filled! The school and the children do greatly appreciate your support but we are aware that it makes it difficult for some people to see, which is unfortunate as the concert was of a very high quality. As we are unable to physically increase the size of the hall we will have to explore using a ticketing system next year to limit the amount of adults. We will also consider whether the high demand means that the infants do their performance twice in future so that everybody can be comfortably accommodated to see their child’s performance.


School Performance Tables

Last week the government published the school performance tables for 2016-17 and for progress in Reading at the end of KS2 we are listed as ‘well below average’. 


Pupil attainment across the school remains very high. As a result of the school’s ethos (that we believe that children should take the next step as soon as they are ready to), our Early Years, Year 1 phonics and KS1 results are all significantly above national average, as they have been for many years. At KS2, our pupil attainment for Maths, Writing and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) were also all above national average whilst Reading was on the national average threshold.


Where the performance tables used to display pupils’ attainment, they now display pupils’ progress, specifically from the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) to the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6). A pupil who reaches expected standard in KS1 and then reaches expected standard at the end of KS2 has made ‘average’ progress. As has a pupil who reaches greater depth in KS1 and continues to be greater depth at the end of KS2. For the majority of our pupils, because of the excellent start they get in KS1, continuing this across KS2 will still see their progress judged to be ‘average’.


Due to a small number of pupils at the end of Year 6 not doing as well on the Reading test as we expected, either by not reaching the expected or greater depth level, this has had a significantly negative effect on the progress score in that one subject, which is why it looks so negative on the performance table data.


The leadership team did a thorough investigation into why the Reading progress was below what was predicted and have made several changes to how we teach and monitor pupil progress in Reading across the school and we are confident that the results for this academic year will see the percentage of pupils achieving expected and greater depth in reading being back to above national averages, as well as continuing to perform well in the other subjects. As a result, the progress measures will see an improvement.


A reminder that the school closes early on Wednesday. 2.25pm for Reception/KS1 and 2.30pm for KS2. I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing everyone back on Thursday 4th January.


Mr Evans

Head Teacher

Date: 04/01/2018