Easter Newsletter

It is nearly the end of another busy half term. A highlight was the visit of Garg and his fantastic collection of animals including a fruit bat, tarantula and an armadillo! There have also been several excellent class assemblies; thank you to all those parents for following the new system of entry through the hall doors once the pupils are in the classrooms as this just helps in keeping everyone that little safer. Both the KS1 and KS2 gymnastic competitions took place over the last 2 weeks and we look forward to getting the results and seeing how the teams did.




























Term Time Holidays

I know that sometimes pupil absence during term time is unavoidable but a good level of attendance is crucial to pupils’ progress. The more absences that can be avoided the better. If you do put in an absence request form, please be aware that Department of Education policy states that absence can only be authorised in ‘exceptional circumstances’ so my hands are fairly tied on this point.

Anti-Social behaviour outside the school grounds

We have had a couple of reports of some anti-social activity, including the smoking of cannabis, by some groups of youths and local residents near to one of the school perimeter gates. We will continue to monitor this and will ask the police if there is any action they can take should it continue but in the meantime if you see anything that you feel is a concern or risk to the pupils in the immediate area around the grounds, please let me or any staff member know.


This again! There have been more complaints from local residents regarding inconsiderate parking by parents in Hawkwood and Drysdale. I’ve spoken to the local residents association and they are in contact with Waltham Forest with regards to getting the mobile CCTV car to attend more regularly and about the possibility of more fixed CCTV cameras and I will support them in this. The yellow lines and zig-zags are there to keep your children safe and twice last week alone I had to ask people not to park on them. The school, including the parents, is part of its local community and as such we should be considerate to local residents and not be parking across their driveways; even for a short while. The point I will make again is that we have a very small catchment area, and whilst people do move away from the school and continue to attend, the large majority live within walking distance and with the weather now getting better, should be able to come by foot. This will be better for health reasons, would reduce the traffic during peak times, improve relations with the local residents and finally, reduce the amount of moany items that I have to include in the newsletters…like this bit.


I’m not keen on the outright banning of things but unfortunately we have made the decision to tell children to stop bringing slime into school. Pupils have been making their own slime outside of school using a range of different materials and we have had a couple of incidents of other pupils having a reaction when they touched it so it would be better if it stayed at home please.

PE Kits/Uniform

All pupils should be bringing their PE kits home this week. Aside from making sure that they get a good wash, please ensure that everything fits ready for the new term. The office has a stock of the yellow t-shirts available for a very reasonable £3. After the Easter holiday more of the PE lessons will take place on the field so pupils need to have a change of footwear (that fits) in school so that they can take part.

Also, whilst the school’s policy on uniform currently remains voluntary, it would be appreciated if pupils came to school in black footwear.

Mighty Zulu Nation

Tuesday saw the school beating to the sounds of the Mighty Zulu Nation. All the KS2 pupils took part in 2 very lively assemblies and a workshop. We hope to welcome them back sometime in the future.















Mrs Hilton

The end of this term marks the retirement of one of our special needs assistants, Sharon Hilton, after an incredible 26 years at the school. Sharon has been a dedicated member of staff and she has helped innumerable pupils with their learning during her time here. On behalf of the whole school I would like to thank her for her hard work and wish her all the best for the future.


Dates for next half term

Thursday 19th April – KS2 cross country

Monday 23rd April – Yr3 at St Albans Roman museum

Friday 27th April – Yr3 at Suntrap/KS1 sponsored bounce

Thursday 3rd May – School closed due to local elections

Monday 14th May to Thursday 17th May – Yr 6 assessment tests

Monday 21st may to Friday 25th – Yr6 at Suntrap Camp

Wednesday 23rd May – Yr1 at Lee Valley Park

Friday 25th May – Yr2 at Barleylands


A reminder to please pay for school dinners on a weekly basis as this greatly assists the office in keeping arrears to a minimum.


School finishes at 2.25pm for KS1 and 2.30pm for KS2 on Thursday. There will be no KS2 homework club that day. I would like to wish you all an enjoyable Easter holiday and hope that you all eat way too much chocolate.


Mr Evans


Date: 29/03/2018