February 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope that you all had a pleasant half term holiday. This newsletter contains some general reminders about ways in which pupils, parents and staff can all help to work together to keep the children safe and part of the wider school community. A couple of these were brought to my attention by a parent. Should you notice any areas in which we as a school need to improve, please do speak to a member of staff about it so we can be aware of the issue. Should you not see an improvement please speak to me.

Driving into the school

Vehicles are not permitted to drive into the school between 3.10pm and 4.45pm for any reason. We have several clubs which finish at 4.30pm and pupils are still leaving via the main entrance after that time. Whilst parking on the yellow zig-zags is permitted after 4pm, please do not park so that your car is partially blocking the entrance as this makes it difficult for cars exiting the school to leave safely.


Children are only allowed to ride scooters before 8.40 am and after 3.45 pm. Please ensure that you do not allow your children to ride scooters when they should not be doing so. Although we want children to enjoy themselves taking part in physical activity, other people need to be safe and it is not safe for scooters to be whizzing around when the playgrounds are full with people coming in or leaving the building.


Our school handbook does state that, whilst school uniform is not compulsory, it is strongly encouraged and it requests that footwear is sensible and black. The large majority of pupils do adhere to this; however there is a growing trend for brightly coloured trainers. The two overriding reasons for the school's belief in a uniform are:-

  • That it promotes a sense of belonging and pride in "our" school and a sense of "ownership".
  • It is economically sensible in that children do not get involved in fashion competitions.


A wide range of brightly coloured and expensive trainers is not compatible with either statement. Please also ensure that sensible suitable footwear is worn

Road Safety

A couple of people have asked if there is any progress on finding a replacement School Crossing Officer and sadly the answer is no. We have advertised several times now both through the school community and externally and we are yet to have a single applicant. If you do know anyone who might be interested please get them to contact the office. In the meantime, please ensure that if you drive your children to school that you drive and park safely and considerately with due respect to local residents property. I have been in contact with the Waltham Forest road safety and traffic teams as well as local councillors about ways in which we can improve the safety of the roads around the school but I am yet to receive any definite proposals about how this can be achieved.

Parent Governor

The deadline for anybody interested in putting themselves forward as a potential parent governor is this Friday, 24th February.

This school term will end on Friday 31st March with school ending early that day. 2.20pm for the nursery, 2.25pm for reception and infants, 2.30pm for juniors. There will be no junior homework club on this day.

Finally, thank you to those parents who come in and listen to the children read, your support is appreciated. If any other parents can spare some time please speak to one of the class teachers.


Kind Regards

Mr Evans

Head Teacher

Date: 22/02/2017