25th September 2017


Dear Parents/Carers


The children have settled into the new classes very quickly and the usual high standards of good manners and behaviour are already evident.


Inconsiderate Parking

Unfortunately I am having to write this letter only 3 weeks into the new school year as already I have had several complaints about inconsiderate parking from parents. These have included residents being blocked into their own drives, sworn at, and in the case of the plant nursery at the top of Hawkswood, twice they have had delivery drivers unable to access their site due to parents blocking their entrance gates. On at least one occasion, parents have even been parking INSIDE the plant nursery gates; which is totally unacceptable as this is private property. It has also been reported that parents have been parking on the grassy area that forms the entrance to the forest, an incident I have been informed has been reported to the Epping Forest rangers due to concerns that this is also the entrance should any emergency vehicles need to access that part of the forest.


The school works hard to be a positive member of the local community and respect for others is part of the values of the school. Much of this hard work is being undermined by a minority of parents who feel that they can do what they want with no respect for other people or their property. The regular stream of complaints also takes up a large of amount of the school leadership’s time; time that would be better used concentrating on our key role of the children’s learning.


Hawkwood Crescent simply does not have the capacity for 100+ cars trying to park on it in the morning. If you absolutely must come by car, park further away where there is less traffic and walk. I understand this might mean that you have to leave a few minutes earlier in the morning but it would help relieve the situation. Considering that our average school catchment area for the last 3 years is 0.6 of a mile, most of you live within walking distance of the school.


We are very aware that the school does not have a school crossing officer – we have advertised the role several times in several different places and will do again – but until we find a suitable candidate, parking further away will also relieve the amount of traffic outside the school gates and make it safer for all.


A reminder also that no parents should drive into the school between 8.15am and 4.45pm. There are no exceptions to this.


The school has sent out several letters in recent years asking for parents to drive and park considerately and still these problems continue. It would seem that the school may have to take further action to help improve the situation and I will be contacting the police and Waltham Forest’s traffic department to see what can be done to deter those who still refuse to respect our neighbours.


Apologies to those who do drive and park considerately and thank you for your continued support in this matter.



Mr Evans


Date: 25/09/2017