Dear Parents/Carers

Standard Assessment

This year has been the first year of a totally new SATs that bear no comparison with those taken by pupils previously. There are no longer any levels and the test results only report whether the pupil has achieved ‘expected standard’ or not. The tests have been made far more difficult in an attempt to raise standards and subsequently national averages are down around 30%. However our pupils have done well.


Maths 83% expected standard (national average 70%)

Reading 78% expected standard (national average 66%)

Grammar and Punctuation 83% expected standard (national average 72%)

Writing (teacher assessment) 94% expected standard (national average 74%)


Pupil attainment in Year 2 was also very high. There is no national data for this yet.

Maths 90% expected standard with 65% working at greater depth

Reading 89% expected standard with 67% working at greater depth

Writing 86% expected standard with 38% working at greater depth


Dinner money

Waltham Forest Catering who provide meals for us, have after 4 years of holding the price, raised their costs by 5%. Hence, the Governing Body has decided the price we charge will have to rise by the same percentage. From September the cost of a school meal will rise from £2.00 per day to £2.10 per day. The cost of £2.10 is actually 6 pence less than the school is charged, but the Governing Body felt we should keep the costs of a healthy meal as low as possible.


Please note:

Term ends on Friday 15th July – 2.20 pm for the nursery, 2.25 pm for reception and infants, 2.30 pm for juniors. There will be no junior homework club on this day.


Term dates 2016-17

Autumn term

Start: Monday 5th September 2016
End: Wednesday 21st December 2016

Half Term: Monday 24th -Friday 28th October 2016


Spring Term
Start: Tuesday 3rd January 2017

End: Friday 31st March 2017

Half Term: Monday 13th -Friday 17th February 2017


Summer Term

First half
Start: Tuesday 18th April 2017
End: Friday 14th July

Half Term: Monday 29th May-Friday 2nd June 2017


A big thank you to everyone who has helped the school in anyway over the last year. Have a nice summer break and we will see you again in September.

Mr Evans

Date: 13/07/2016