Wednesday 12th July

Dear Parents/Carers

Standard Assessments

The school continued to perform well in many areas that are subject to national testing or the reporting of teacher assessment.

Year 1

93% of the pupils passed at the required level in the Phonics test.

In KS1

Reading 90% at expected level with 49% at greater depth

Maths 90% at expected level with 42% at greater depth

Writing 85% at expected level with 36% at greater depth

In KS2

Reading 71% at expected level with 23% at greater depth

Maths 89% at expected level with 42% at greater depth

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation 89% at expected level with 47% at greater depth

Writing (teacher assessment) 83% at expected level with 27% at greater depth


These results are currently unverified and a small number of the papers are being submitted for re-marking. All of these results are above national average with the exception of the KS2 reading, which is at the level of national average. We believe our Year 6 pupils are better readers than these tests show and, the staff and I are in the process of putting together a plan of action to ensure that  pupils demonstrate their true abilities in the tests and that we are above the threshold next year.


Term Dates 2017-18

A reminder of the term dates for next year. Please ensure that your child is back in school on the 5th September as the start of any school year is a very important time in establishing classroom routines and expectations.

Autumn Term 2017

Tuesday 5th September 2017 - Wednesday 20th December 2017
Half Term: Monday 23rd -Friday 27th October 2017

Spring Term 2018

Thursday 4th January 2018 - Thursday 29th March 2018

Half Term: Monday 12th -Friday 16th February 2018

Summer Term 2018

Monday 16th April 2018 – Wednesday 18th July 2018
May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 7th May 2018

Half Term: Monday 28th May-Friday 1st June 2018


Mrs Finnis

Many of you will have had children that have been taught by Mrs Finnis, and Mrs Finnis will have taught some of you yourselves! She joined the school as a midday assistant in 1987 and became a teacher here in 1995. For many years, she has also served as the staff governor. She retired from full-time teaching 2 years ago and is retiring properly at the end of this week. On behalf of all the staff, many of whom have drawn on her knowledge and experience over the years, I would like to wish her a long and happy retirement.


I hope that you have an enjoyable summer and we look seeing everyone back in September.


Mr Evans


Date: 14/07/2017