Monday 12th June

Dear Parents/Carers

The Moon

Last week we were lucky to have a selection of samples of lunar materials and other meteorites visit the school. These were on loan from NASA and included samples taken from the Moon, a small piece of material believed to originate from Mars and a meteorite estimated to be 4.5 billion years old…nearly as old as the universe itself! It was quite exciting to be able to look at and handle these unique objects and the pupils supported this experience with other Space based lessons during the week. All the classes have also created Moon themed artwork which are on display in either the main hall or the corridor outside.


Sports Update

The school has entered teams in a range of sporting activities over the last few weeks with a good level of performance. Our Year 3/4 Gymnastics team finished 4th whilst both the Year 2 and Year 5/6 teams went one better and won bronze medals. In the recent Waltham Forest Quad kids’ athletics event, out of a total field of 34 teams and 1268 pupils, we again did very well with the highlights being the Year 2 team finishing 4th, Year 3 winning bronze and Year 4 winning silver. Well done to everyone who took part.

Coming up over the next few weeks are Kwik cricket, Tri Golf and Tag Rugby competitions. The school also has its sports days on the following dates. All dates are totally dependent on the weather.


Monday 3rd July – Years 3 to 6 (10.40 to 1pm)

Tuesday 4th July – Years 1 and 2 (1pm)

Wednesday 5th July – Reception (1pm)

Thursday 6th July – Reception (AM and PM)


After school

As always, now that we are into summer, we are happy for children to stay and use the field and other outdoor areas after school. However, please remember that they are not supervised by staff and they are the responsibility of the parents or carers who have collected them. A reminder also that we expect the same level of sensible behaviour after school, that the children display during school hours. Also no leather footballs are to be used in the playgrounds and bikes and scooters should not be ridden until after 3.45pm.


Parent Questionnaire

Attached to this letter is this year’s parent questionnaire. This is your chance to both confirm what the school is doing well or what areas we can improve on. Last year the issue of communication between the school and parents was raised, hopefully the Yardley app has improved this. Over 500 people have downloaded the app now and feedback has been very positive. The questionnaires are anonymous but it would be useful that if you have a very specific comment or idea that you added your name so that I can discuss it with you further if needed. Please return the completed questionnaires by Fri 23rd June.


We have had strong support this year from many parents helping out with listening to readers, particularly in the infants and reception, and this does really help. If you can spare any time, please complete a List 99 form (available at the office) and speak to the class teachers about when would be a good time.


Mr Evans/Head Teacher

Date: 16/06/2017