Yardley Primary School Newsletter March 2018

5th March 2018


Last week’s snow days

The snow last week obviously brought with it some disruption to the usual routines though we still managed to open every day. Thank you to all those who made it in.


A couple of parents have asked about why we were unable to send the message out that we were open earlier than 8am. I am aware that some schools were informing parents the night before but in almost every instance, they were informing them that they would be closed. At Yardley we always have the intention to be open as long as it is safe because we feel we have a duty to be open but several factors need to be considered. We have to make a number of checks which can’t be done until the morning. Myself and the leadership team were arriving before 7.30am. We made sure the paths and playgrounds were clear, that the heating was working, that public transport was running and what weather was being predicted for later in the day. Once we established that the school was safe and warm, and will continue to be, then the only other factor which could cause the school to close is whether we had enough staff for every class. Many of our staff live some distance from the school and yet they all made it in every day last week. Their own journey times were affected by the snow and so we had to allow enough time for them to make it in. Once we were certain we have sufficient staff, then we were able to inform the parents via the app, whatsapp groups and the website that we are open. Because the roads were clearer on Friday, more staff were here earlier and I was able to send the message out by 7.40am.


The whole school community should be proud that due to the dedication of the staff to make it in each day, and the excellent work by the School Site Officer, that we stayed open when other schools have closed despite conditions not really being that bad. I also think we communicated well with the parents in what was an ever changing situation and we were flexible regarding pupils being collected early. I was stood on the school gate before and after school each day last week and the parents who have spoken to me regarding the matter have been appreciative of the school's efforts to stay open.


Hopefully we won’t have to worry about snow for another few years but I will add that I did thoroughly enjoy using the gritting machine to clear the playgrounds during the day!



World Book Day

A reminder that our rescheduled World Book Day will be this Thursday (8th March). The theme stays the same, pupils to wear their pyjamas or onesies (over other clothes) and to bring in a favourite bedtime book or story.


Science Week/The Might Mighty Zulu Nation

Next week is national Science week. As part of this, on Tuesday and Wednesday each class will be having a workshop with Garg and his collection of interesting animals! Last Friday all the classes were due to have a performance workshop with the guys from the Mighty Zulu Nation, who were amazing last time they visited. We postponed the visit due to the weather and this will now take place on Monday 26th March.


Finally, we are always keen for parents to get involved in supporting the childrens’ education – whether listening to children read, helping in class or if you’ve got an interest, talent or job that you think the children would be interested in hearing about. Please have a chat with your child’s class teacher if you have any ideas.


Mr Evans

Head Teacher

Date: 05/03/2018