Dear Parents/Carers

New classes for Sept 2018


Here is the eagerly anticipated announcement regarding the new classes for next year…


Current Class

Class and teacher for September 2018

Class 14 – Miss Vernon

C11 – Mrs Thorndyke

Class 13 – Miss Pank

C12 – Miss Ali

Class 12 – Miss Ali

C10s – Mrs Folami

Class 11 – Miss Legault

C10 – Mrs Samuels

Class 10s – Mrs Folami

C8 – Mr Tiritanou

Class 10 – Mrs Samuels

Class 9 – Miss Derrick

Class 9 – Miss Derrick

Class 6 – Miss Whale

Class 8 – Mrs Stuart

Class 7 – Mrs Henderson

Class 7 – Mrs Henderson

Class 4 – Miss West

Class 6 – Miss Whale

Class 5 – Mrs Stuart

Class 5 – Mr Greene

Class 3 – Mr Brewer

Class 4 – Mr Brewer

Class 2 – Miss Spraget

Class 3 – Miss Georgiou

Class 1 – Mr Reddick


Miss Vernon will be teaching the Nursery next year. Our Reception team is Mr Karayiannis and Miss Georgiou. Mr Tiritanou and Miss West both join us after successful spells at the school as student teachers. Miss Legault and Mrs Sutherland will be non-classed based focussing on a range of areas. Mr Greene is leaving us to take up position in the Middle East whilst Miss Pank will be completing her long time arrangement to relocate back to her hometown of Norwich. We wish them both good luck for the future.


Summer Fayre

There was a fantastic turnout for Sunday’s Summer Fayre and I’ve had lots of positive feedback about the event…even England did their bit to contribute to the atmosphere. Mr Greene, Mr Reddick and Mrs Stuart enjoyed their soakings! Well done and thank you to all those who helped out organising or manning the stalls.


Sports Results

A mixed team from Year 2 took part in a World Cup themed football tournament and did very well, finishing as runners up after narrowly losing in the final. In the Borough-wide Quad Kids athletics competition, our Year 6 team finished a very credible 4th whilst our Year 5 team were the overall winners with a record team score for any of the Waltham Forest Quad Kids competitions! A mixed Year 5/6 team will now represent Waltham Forest in the London Games at Crystal Palace in July. The Year 3 and 4 results are still being calculated.


World Memory Championship

Year 6 have been taking part in an online memory challenge. As part of this, 3 of our pupils qualified for the national final which was held at London Zoo. In what was an outstanding achievement, Dylan Dingomal in Year 6 won the event and is this year’s national ‘Junior Memory Champion’. Well done to him and our other 2 finalists, Bobby and Alin.


Forthcoming new website

Below is a sample of what the new school website will look like. The photographer picked a great day weather wise to come and take the pictures. We hope that the website will be launched before the end of academic year.




















Parent Questionnaire Results

The responses to the questionnaire are overwhelmingly positive, including several complimentary comments about individual teachers. I will have a closer look at the comments and concerns raised and send out a letter in the future with more details. Some easily answerable points:

  • Homework. We managed to get the full set of comments covering – too much, too little, too easy and too hard! Homework does seem the easiest area to fix though; please talk to your child’s teacher and they can help arrange the right homework for your child. A reminder that homework is optional up until the children enter Year 5, so if it is taking too long or you feel it is too hard my advice is not to do it.
  • The school does have cameras on the front gate. These are monitored by the office staff when anyone presses the entry button.
  • Adapting the Nursery so we can offer 30 hours provision is something we may consider in the future.



Mr Evans


Date: 27/06/2018