Yardley News Letter 2018


 Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to the last half term of the academic year.


Firstly, another thank you to everyone who stayed after school on the last Friday of term. It was a really enjoyable afternoon and it was nice to see so many people enjoying the field and the excellent weather. Next time we will look at getting 2 ice cream vans to keep the queues down! The picnics earlier in the day also went very well. Thanks also to the way everyone kept the field so clean and litter free, it was much appreciated.





































School App

The school app is by far the quickest and easiest way for us to communicate with parents. It’s been downloaded over 1200 times now! One thing to note is that sometimes it automatically updates and it might wipe your preferences for which messages you are receiving. Please go into messages and check in the settings that you have ‘Whole school’ and any specific year groups that are relevant to you checked off to continue to receive all relevant messages.


Summer Fayre

The summer fayre on June 24th is rapidly approaching. The PTA have been very proactive in trying to organise a wide range of attractions and activities but, as their own letter said, they are still short of volunteers. If you can give up even a short amount of time on the day it would help make the event even better. Please contact the PTA through the class reps or yardleypta@outlook.com if you can help.




The 2 recent fundraising events were both did very well. The KS1 sponsored bounce raised £924 for the PTA funds whilst the non-uniform day/KS2 sponsored spell raised £1496 for the NSPCC. Thank you for your generous support for both of these.


Parent Questionnaire


Attached is our annual parent questionnaire. A reminder that if you have any concerns or issues you speak to the class teacher first or a member of the leadership team. This should be your chance to let us know any areas we can improve or do differently. The questionnaires are anonymous but if you do have any written comments or suggestions then it would be helpful to include your name so I can contact you to discuss them if necessary.


Last year there were no major issues raised and the questionnaire was predominantly positive. To pre-empt some questions that may be raised;


  • The school has a new website under development, the photographer is in school next week and it should be complete by the end of the academic year.
  • The play area on the field is being replaced in the summer and other play equipment is being repaired.
  • We will looking at the possibility of introducing a cashless payment system in the future but will not be making a decision until we have explored the cost, implementation, training needs etc.
  • The schools approach to dealing with any issues of alleged bullying can be found on the school’s website in the behaviour policy.



Some dates for this half term


14th June – KS2 Quad Kids athletics

15th June – Year 4 Maypole Dancing assembly

15th June – Year 2 Football world cup at Goals

21st June – KS2 In-school cross country

29th June – Music assembly (this is rescheduled from 8th June)

2nd July – KS2 sports day 10.40am – 1pm

3rd July – KS1 sports day 1pm to 3pm

4th July – Reception sports day 2pm

5th July – Nursery sports day AM and PM

6th July – pupil reports go out (except Year 6)

10th July – Year 6 reports out

12th July – Parents’ evening

12th & 13th July – Year 6 show

18th July – Pupils’ last day of term


Details of specific times will go out nearer the dates.


Kind regards

Mr Evans


Date: 10/06/2018