We hope you had a good Easter and that the children are refreshed and ready for new challenges this term.


Our topic this half term is ‘Minibeasts’


The children will be making lots of displays for nursery including a Hungry Caterpillar counting display, a mini beast in the garden display and an interactive Incey Wincey spider display. They will be making bugs and their habitats using a range of art techniques – finger painting, free painting, printing and collage to name but a few. The children will also be making junk insects, butterfly mobiles and spiders which will be hanging up in the nursery, so mind your heads!

In the kitchen the children will be making butterfly cakes and cheesy caterpillars!


We will be talking about a variety of bugs and their habitats and will be setting up a bug area in the garden. The children will be looking to see how many bugs they can find and will record their findings on simple charts.

We will be having a ‘bug table’ (toy bugs, not real ones!). This will be supported by a range of bug books for the children to look at.

Maths activities will include a ladybird counting game, a butterfly number recognition, caterpillar colour sequencing and bug matching.

The children will be making books about the life cycle of the butterfly and will have plenty of opportunities to develop their writing skills by tracing over bug trails, writing over text and using minibeast templates. Our sound of the week will continue and we will be doing a range of activities as each sound is introduced. The children are welcome to bring things from home to put on the sound table, please make sure that all items are clearly named.

The role-play area should be very popular this term, as it will become a bug centre. The children will be making bugs and information cards to use. They will be using magnifying glasses to ‘study’ the bugs and will identify them using reference books. This will help them to see books as a source of information.


For your information a copy of the weekly plans is displayed in the cloakroom along with the Early Learning Goals.




Please see the posters and school website for details of our events this term. If you would prefer a paper copy please see a member of staff.



Parents often ask how they can help at home. There are lots of ways; here are a few suggestions

  • We are encouraging the children to be independent when it comes to hanging up their own coats in the cloakroom. Please encourage them do it on their own.
  • Go for walks and look for bugs and talk about the places you are likely to find them. Talk about the importance of being kind to bugs.
  • Go to the library and try to find some books about bugs. Look at the books together and encourage your child to talk about the pictures and to answer questions about the story. Show them how to turn the pages over carefully.


  • We will be introducing the following sounds this term – ‘s, a, t, p, i ,n, m’

Encourage your child to bring something to nursery to go on the sound table. When a new sound is introduced, talk about the sound the letter makes, try to find things around the house that begin with that sound and look for the letter in books and comics.



  • Practice counting as much as possible. If you have any toy bugs at home, sort them into groups and count them together. Encourage your child to point to each object as they count. Ask them to tell you how many they have counted; this will help them to understand that the last number said relates to the quantity.
  • Talk with your child about what they have done at nursery; who they have played with, what they had for snack and what they enjoyed doing most. Encourage them to make eye contact as they talk, this will keep them focussed.


Can you help? If you have any of the following that you would like to lend or donate it would be much appreciated.

  • Books, posters, DVD’s about bugs
  • Bug related toys
  • Old pairs of glasses for the Opticians role play area
  • We are short on clothes for changing the children into – if you have any spare clothes we would be very grateful. Please ensure any changes of clothes are returned to nursery.


Finally, please be reminded that no vehicles are allowed on the school premises at any time. This is in the interest of keeping the children safe when they leave and come to school/nursery.

Please ensure that you hold onto your child’s hand when you pick them up from nursery and on the way out of the first set of gates. Once past the playground, this is a road and should be treated as such, as there are deliveries and members of staff parking and reversing.





£1 donation collected for the week


Story books/bags/Maths games and pencil activities to be returned


Take home story book/pencil activity and Maths game. Please make sure that the tracing sheet is wiped clean after use.

P.E. children will need plimsolls clearly named. Please ensure all jewellery is removed.




As you know we welcome helpers in the nursery (that includes dads and grandparents!). There are lots of ways that you can help in the nursery – cooking, helping with the computer, reading stories or just talking with the children. If you would like to help in the nursery, either on a regular basis or just when you have some free time, please come and talk to a member of staff.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of this newsletter please do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff.


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