As an Academy School we are our own admissions authority, responsible for all admissions to the school. However, Waltham Forest administers the procedure in line with all other state funded schools in the Local Authority.

When the school is oversubscribed an admissions criteria is used to allocate places. The criteria in order of importance are:

  1. Looked after children – those in public care or on the LA Child Protection Register
  2. Medical reasons – these need to be exceptional and can apply to the child or principle carer.
  3. Siblings – defined as a brother or sister in the school living at the same address at the time of admission in the new academic year.
  4. Pupils of school staff
  5. Distance –from the home to the school in a straight line.

Details of admissions criteria are outlined in the Admissions Criteria also available in this section of the website. So is the Appeals Process. If admission is not granted there is the right to appeal to an independent panel.

Most children join us at reception age [rising 5 years old]. Under the system of free choice all parents must return the Primary Admission Request Form (issued to parents of prospective rising five pupils by schools, nurseries and playgroups) by the date specified in Waltham Forest’s Primary Admissions Brochure. This is usually available in September of each year. Parents are requested to indicate a number of schools in order of preference. If your first choice is not given because the school was oversubscribed another school is allocated. Parents have the right to appeal any decision.

Families moving into the area with primary age children who wish to attend Yardley should contact the school in the first instance. A visit will be arranged to view the school and discuss admission arrangements. You will be given an in-year Admission Form and put in contact with the Local Authority who handle procedures for us; again there is a right of appeal if the school is full in the required age group.

Admissions to Yardley Primary School Nursery are totally separate from admissions to the school. Please view the Nursery/Early Years Centre section of the website for more details. The process is usually – contact the school office to visit the Nursery, complete and return a Nursery Admission Form, then Nursery Teacher will then discuss admission arrangements with you.

It should be noted that children who gain admission to Nursery do not automatically transfer to the school when the reach reception age. Admission to reception is through the Waltham Forest admission process.