Yardley Primary School LanguagesHere at Yardley, each class from year 1 onwards have an hour lesson of French a week.  When possible, a language specialist teaches the children.

In addition to the lessons at school there is the opportunity to join an after school French Club which is run by an outside agency.  This club has a termly fee.

There are many languages spoken by our children and we try to embrace them all.  To develop the English skills of children who have English as their second language we all strive to model correct spoken and written language.

Short French Policy


Year groups 1 to 6 have an hour of French a week. Each teacher is responsible for deciding how the hour will be timetabled. A specialist language teacher takes some lessons where our own class teachers lack the expertise.

For years 2 to 6 Teachers plan using Tout le Monde as a scheme of work which is used across the school to motivate pupils and to support teachers with model pronunciation. It links to the QCA schemes of work for languages at KS2 and referenced to the KS2 framework for Languages. The specialist teacher plans using the QCA objectives as a starting point. Year 1 use a bank of lesson objectives and ideas to gain a basic understanding of the language’s sounds and patterns.

Teachers aim to:

  • Provide a rich and varied input of the language, so that children hear and interact with the sounds and patterns of the new language
  • Use active learning to engage motivation
  • Encourage children to talk to each other in French
  • Use games and songs to maximise enjoyment
  • Embed languages in class routines and school life
  • Integrate language learning across the curriculum to connect with learning in other subject areas


Years 2-6 have a pupil self assessment at the end of each Tout le Monde unit


French Programme of Study

Year 1 plan

Year 2 plan

Year 3 plan

Year 4 plan

Year 5 plan

Year 6 plan