Homework Policy

The school has a homework policy.

  • It helps in consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding.
  • It extends school learning.
  • Encourages pupils, as they get older, to develop the confidence and self discipline needed to study on their own and prepares them for the demands of secondary school.
  • Helps develop a partnership between home and school.

All pupils are expected to read at home each day. From Year 1 there will also be weekly spellings and number bonds to learn. From Y1 to Y4 parents can opt for other homework if the wish - Additional English/maths is available or an extended topic to complete with parents at home. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 will additional work each day - a mixture topic and additional English/maths.

The class teacher sets homework. They ensure the work given is appropriate and balanced. Teachers also monitor homework – through weekly spelling and maths tests and marking. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 keep a homework diary and they keep completed work in a Homework Folder or Book.

To support junior pupil’s homework a work club takes place each lunchtime and before and after school. Junior pupils have the opportunity to seek help from the Headteacher or simply complete assignments.

Parents can help by providing a quiet environment where younger pupils can work together with an adult and where older pupils can work alone. Show you value homework and encourage them to complete assignments. Give praise for completed work.

Because all pupils are expected to read at home every day we have a home/school reading project where children and parents keep their own record of books read and progress. It also helps set up a dialogue between the teacher and parent.

All children are encouraged to read at home, to improve their reading skills and for pure enjoyment. Children will make great progress if they are assisted in reading. Reading to them in the early years, reading along with them and later listening to them read can do this. Our library is open for borrowing at lunch times and children may take their school 'reading book' home. They can also choose from the many other books in their classroom or in school. You may wish to come into school and choose a book to read at home with them. This is best done immediately our day is finished.

We cannot stress the importance of reading to your child's development and hope you will endeavour to assist them at every opportunity.