Pupil Performance Summary 2016  

Foundation Stage [reference EYFS 2016 Contextual Report - LBWF]

Significantly more of our pupils achieve a good level of development than the Waltham Forest and National Average. School 86% compared with 72% Waltham Forest. For Literacy and mathematics learning goals we achieve significantly better than Waltham Forest and National averages and this is also often the case for other leaning goals.

Year 1: Phonics scores are again well above national averages. 97% of Yardley pupils passed the test compared to 81% nationally. This was in the top 5% of schools in the country.

Key Stage 1 and 2 assessments changed for 2016. Levels where replaced by an Expected Standard (EXS) and Greater Depth (GDS) that is achieving significantly more. The tests and assessments where increased in difficulty and hence the standard required to pass them was higher than previous years. This was to reflect the raising of standards sought through the introduction of the 2014 National Curriculum.

Attainment at Key Stage 1 [Reference RAISEonline 2016 Summary Report]

Key Stage 1 attainment in mathematics, reading and writing over time has been significantly above national averages. This year’s outcomes were also significantly better as illustrated by the statements covering key elements of the tests and assessments.

Reading, Writing & Mathematics combined score:

Meeting the Expected Standard: Yardley 83%, National Average 60%

Greater Depth: Yardley 38%, National Average 9%


Attainment at Key Stage 2 [Reference RAISEonline 2016 Summary Report

Attainment at the Expected Standard

Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined: Yardley 67%, National Average 53%

Reading: Yardley 78%, National Average 66%

Writing: Yardley 93%, National Average 74%

EGPS: Yardley 84%, National Average 66%

Mathematics: Yardley 83%, National Average 70%

Attainment at Greater Depth

Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined: Yardley 14%, National Average 5%

Reading: Yardley 22%, National Average 19%

Writing: Yardley 36%, National Average 15%

EGPS: Yardley 26%, National Average 19%

Mathematics: Yardley 34%, National Average 17%


Key Stage 2 Assessment

Link to our data on the DfE Performance Site



Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil premium funding is allocated to schools according to the number of pupils that are disadvantaged – those pupils eligible for free school meals or are in care. In national assessment data ‘Disadvantaged Pupils’ achieve considerably less than the ‘Other Pupils’ group [non-disadvantaged pupils].

The aim of the funding is to ‘close the gap’ in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils [non-disadvantaged].


September 2015 – August 2016

Funding Allocation: £145,438

Allocated Spend:

£10000 on 1-to-1 and small group tuition provided outside the school day.

£135, 438 for direct teacher support for individual pupils, small groups and classes. There is also a focus on continued professional development for teaching and learning by three of the teachers involved in this work.




At Key Stage 1 our disadvantaged pupils attained more than the national non-disadvantaged ‘other pupil’ group in reading, writing and mathematics.

At Key Stage 2 our disadvantaged pupils attained more than the non-disadvantaged ‘other pupil’ national group in reading, mathematics and grammar punctuation and spelling. In writing the Average Points Score for our disadvantaged pupils was the same as the national non-disadvantaged group.


Special Educational Needs Funding


Income: £116, 868 nominal special educational need funding and £82, 920 for high needs pupils 

Allocated Spend:

£101054 - Special Needs Assistants for High Need pupils

£38206 - 50% of SENCO costs

£5337 – Mental Health Outreach

£2000 additional resources


At both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 our SEN pupils attain more than the national SEN group’s average.

In all subjects assessed at Key Stage 2 our SEN pupils achieved a higher percentage of Level 4+ attainment than the national all pupil group.