Physical Education

PE – short policy

PE Lessons

As well as developing physical competence and helping to promote physical development, PE offers many opportunities to support other areas of the curriculum such as maths, science, ICT and PSHE.

Lessons should begin with at least a 10 minute warm up including stretching and aerobic activities.

Each class should take part in units covering invasion games, dance, gymnastic activities, striking and fielding games, athletics and outside activities. Teachers can teach these during the year at their discretion but some lend themselves to indoor or outdoor conditions so plan accordingly. Resources to aid planning include the Val Sabin series, British Gymnastics, Butterfly Table Tennis, Top Games/Sport/Gym cards and The Kwik Cricket scheme.

Activate sessions should be carried out every morning/afternoon except for the days on which your class have PE.


Each class has a minimum of one and half hours PE timetabled each week with Activate sessions increasing this amount to over 2 hours.

The school strives to offer pupils opportunities for games and sports clubs outside of the curriculum either through the provision of after schools clubs or directing children to other organisations and clubs that provide out of hours coaching.

If for some reason you need to use somebody’s hall time, please speak directly to the teacher affected so they can make alternative arrangements.

The school also offers opportunities for pupils to compete in both intra- (in school) and inter- (between schools) competitions in a range of sports. We feel competition is an element of life and should be experienced within school. Dealing with winning and losing can then take place in the context of a learning environment.

Health and Safety

No jewellery should be worn apart from studded earrings. Watches should be removed. Long hair should be tied back (both girls and boys). Pupils should change their footwear for PE though for gymnastic and dance activities barefoot is preferable. Pupils should have a change of clothing including a t-shirt and shorts for inside activity. Girls should change out of tights.

Children should be made aware of the safety issues regarding the equipment around the edge of the hall, in particular the ropes and the piano. Equipment should be placed away from these items.

Teachers are responsible for getting out and putting away equipment. Do not send unsupervised children to return equipment. The floor of the PE cupboard needs to be kept clear as much as possible to allow access to shelves.

Please keep all hall doors closed during the lesson. Classes should not use the hall doors to enter or exit to the field.

Teachers should position themselves at the edge of the hall during activities unless modelling something to the class.


At the end of each unit teachers should complete an assessment sheet identifying pupils who exceeded expectations and those pupils who fail to meet the expected level. Planning and teaching should include opportunities for working with those less able children to improve basic skills.

Those pupils that show a particular aptitude for a sport/activity, should be considered for the gifted and talented register.

Sports Premium Funding

This funding is allocated on a pupil basis to improve sports and PE in primary schools.



Funding allocation: £9950

Allocated spend:

£10075 - specialist PE coach who provides activities for pupils during and after school as well as professional development for staff

£1230 – specialist coach for after school club

£3290 – specialist coach for pupil activities



High quality PE and sports teaching

High pupil interest in sport and fitness

Team and individual success in inter-school sports