The Arts

We are proud of our very wide and varied arts curriculum.  The continually expanding Arts’ Curriculum greatly contributes to the broad and balanced education every child is entitled to have the access to.  We have a great deal of involvement with the wider community through school concerts, borough, local and national initiatives.  These have included:-

  • Achievement of Gold Artsmark in 2010 for our achievement in Art, Dance, Drama and Music.
  • Creative Partnerships for enhancing the school environment.
  • New Direction for linking the Arts with Science
  • The Junior Arts Awards for Year 5 focussing on creativity throughout the curriculum.
  • Year 6 have the opportunity to begin their Senior Arts Awards during their final term at Yardley.

We book a variety of outings and workshops to enhance the children’s experience if the Arts and Culture.  These include visits to the Tate Britain, Tate Modern and National Art Galleries.  Ballet, Theatre outings and workshops are also booked

Short Arts Policy

Performing and Visual Arts are part of the fabric of life.

In school Arts contribute to a broad and balanced curriculum – being worthwhile in their own right as well as acting as a conduit for the development of spoken and written English and Mathematics.

Arts encourage and enable reflection, creativity and expression.

Arts are personal motivators and generators of co-operation.

 We aim for each child to experience a rich, broad and enjoyable variety of Music, Art and Design, Drama and Dance opportunities regularly in a structured and progressive manner.  Through being able to think creatively, we aim for each pupil to leave the school with the ability to use skills to enable them to think creatively in the wider world.

Our Arts curriculum is delivered through-

  • Dedicated projects – units of work in art, music and design to build skills
  • Opportunity to perform – regular class, school and area performance
  • Coaching in the extended curriculum - through clubs and our links with Chingford Foundation School
  • Visits – workshop and performance here and visits to museum and theatre

Underpinning this is high quality teaching and learning that involves –

  • Stimulating interest through exciting experiences
  • Encouraging the use of different learning styles/ intelligences and helping pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in different ways
  • Selecting content related to the real world of the Arts
  • Taking account of and making connections with pupils’ own interests and experiences
  • Having clear purpose and high expectations
  • Planning for progression in all Arts subjects
  • Encouraging pupils to learn from each other and develop ideas together
  • Encouraging pupils to develop their own ideas and feelings
  • Seeing progress and achievement through performance or exhibition
  • Helping pupils to identify and value their own and others  ideas
  • Recording and evaluating the work of pupils in different ways and ensuring pupils know what they need to do to make further progress
  • Giving pupils opportunities to self-evaluate their work both orally and in written form
  • Where possible giving the pupils the opportunity to learn from an ‘expert’

Extended Curriculum

We are able to offer many Arts opportunities, both within the daily curriculum and as extra-curricular opportunities. All children are encouraged to take part in the wealth of Arts experiences the school has to offer. These include Music, Art, Drama and Dance clubs which take place during lunchtime and after school and a range of peripatetic instrumental lessons which take place during lesson time and after school.