Topics involve active learning with cross curricular links - learning which engages and challenges children’s thinking by seeking new knowledge through their own actions and making sense of the world through their own thinking.

The school’s Topic map is based on the Q.C.A. foundation subject schemes of work which ensures full cover of the national curriculum.  The topics also include the core subjects - English and Maths.


  • To develop an understanding of the world around them through the process of enquiry and the development of knowledge
  • To encourage children to raise questions and learn how to investigate and explore using both first hand experiences and secondary sources
  • To develop children’s skill in communicating ideas
  • To develop pupils thinking and life skills


The curriculum map outlines the topics to be taught in each year group.  Differentiation occurs throughout each topic, encouraging the children to build on their knowledge and skills already developed.

Children are given opportunities to:

  • Work independently and in groups
  • Be involved in tasks of varying durations
  • Undertake teacher directed and child initiated tasks
  • To carry out their own enquiry
  • To extract information from reference material including the internet and CD-ROMs and draw conclusions
  • To identify facts and opinions
  • To communicate their understanding in a variety of ways that is appropriate to the intended audience.
  • Evaluate their work (AFL)
  • Take part in investigative activities both in and outside the classroom
  • Undertake trips and visits where appropriate

Assessment and Recording

Assessment for Learning is a key element of topic. Each topic has associated key vocabulary and area of knowledge to be explored. Each topic has an end product that is the outcome of the work undertaken. Progression and experience is ensured through this structure. Self peer and teacher assessment - through reflection and discussion - are the key elements of assessment. Recording of progress is through the use of Statements of Achievement. These are completed with/by pupils during or at the end of a topic.

Project Work