Class Organisation & Teaching Arrangements

We have 2 classes of 30 pupils in each year group from Reception to Year 6 and a 60-place part-time nursery class. There is one year group with 90 pupils. The class teacher is responsible for the overall educational development of the pupils, with guidance and support from the headteacher and a wide range of other staff.

A key feature in our lessons is children being taught in groups at levels appropriate to their ability. This is essential because the range of ability within a class can be very wide. For children to achieve their full potential they must have tasks at the correct level for them. Working in groups also affords the opportunity to work and discuss activities with other children. Through group work higher standards can be reached and it is also an excellent vehicle for co-operative learning. The composition of groups are flexible depending on the learning taking place – children may well be in different groups for English, mathematics and project work.