Yardley Primary School

Nursery/Early Years Centre

There are lots of activities for you and your children to enjoy in our Nursery and Early Years Centre. Please check the timetable for details

Yardley Primary School


The prospectus is your guide to our school.


The school has a very strong work ethos. Pupils are expected to work hard and to the best of their ability at all times. Courtesy and good behaviour are prerequisites. We believe pupils come to school to learn and enjoy themselves. If lessons are enjoyed more is learnt. If all behave sensibly all can enjoy themselves and learn.


Yardley Primary School

Yardley Primary School

Yardley is an Academy School, part of the RAY academy trust. This means that we work closely with our partner school, Roger Ascham Primary. We are not governed by a Local Authority. We take pupils from aged three to eleven years and consider ourselves as a community primary school.

We have a very good relationship with our parent body and together we strive to achieve for each individual child that joins us their maximum potential for academic, physical and social achievement.

We encourage children to become literate and numerate with high levels of spoken, investigative and problem solving skills, together with a balanced view of the world. Equally important we promote social skills such as co-operation, tolerance, care for oneself and others and good manners.

Club Newsletter 2017

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September 2017

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July 2017

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